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For this draws my Tabby's & friends,
I require very much time.

Respect my work!!

  • It is forbidden to copy my graphics, Idea and all my animations !
  • My graphics are registered Copyright. You can view my certificate in my navigation

- Info 4 U -

  • All the graphics are 100% original mouse drawn by me, Christine´s Pixelzauber
  • no Website - no Graphics - no adoption
  • Your site must be 100% family friendly - no porn, hate, discrimination, racism or anything else that may seem harmful to a child.
  • If your site is password protected, I must have the username/password at all times to view my graphics.
  • Your Website must be in English or in German
  • Your site cannot be under construction and must have content
  • You must have the following protection script on all of your web pages which contain graphics: No Right Click
  • You are not allowed to alter my graphics in any way, resize or make tubes or outlines out of them, it is also not allowed to add my Graphics on any cd collection.
  • My graphics may not be used on MSN, or Yahoo Group sites.
  • The copyright of my graphics is with me in every case, Christine´s Pixelzauber
  • Do not make my Graphics available for download on your site
  • You may give my graphic arts not as own creation

About Signature Tags & Blog Bits

  • These individual smaller graphics must be linked back to They are to be used only as website decorations, or in emails. Not for use in guestbooks, message boards, or discussion forums.
  • I send you my graphics and my Adoption with a certificate.